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At Premier Properties OC, we combine a true passion for the industry with a calculated approach to selling homes as simple and easy as possible. Jen and her team exemplify their commitment to "Specializing In Selling Orange County." PPOC regularly delivers results that are beyond clients' expectations and exhibits a sincere dedication to providing the highest level of expertise and outstanding personal service.

Our Process

Selling Orange County


Attention to detail ensures your home is presented in the absolute best light to maximize buyer interest. Whether it's promoting an open house, or hiring the right stagers and contractors to prep the home for sale we do whatever we can to ensure your house is advantageously positioned to make top dollar.


We have the right combination of guts and grace. The PPOC Team have a sense for what strategies will merit the best results for you when it comes to negotiating and has the social tact to deliver them effectively. You can be aggressive and bold while also being professional and courteous.


The way you market your home represents the way you've maintained your home. When buyers see visually appealing, design-oriented home marketing, they see a seller who takes pride in putting their best foot forward. It gives them confidence about the home in general to see that the seller was willing to hire a top notch agent.


In the digital era, your home's online presence is pivotal to selling at top dollar. PPOC works with a professional company to photograph and edit high definition images that grab buyer's attention. We leverage online exposure by advertising on many listings portals, flyers, email and more.


At PPOC we don't leave any stone unturned when it comes to research. Thorough research results in you being a very informed seller. We combine value analysis methods from comparable sales, homes that did not sell, value changes over time, and current competition to reach an honest, realistic pricing plan for you.


Devoted to putting the client FIRST. PPOC is dedicated to marketing and sales of celebrated properties from Orange County to Ventura County. As lifelong residents of Southern California our expertise and extensive knowledge of one of the world’s most complex and sophisticated real estate markets has put our clients at a strategic advantage for more than fifteen years.

What's Your Home's Value??

Use the Home Value Estimator to get a free estimated market value of your home or a home you are interested in. We'll calculate our best estimated home valuation using the millions of home records in our database. Simply enter the address.

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Sellers Guide

Negotiation deadlocks, surprises in the inspection, buyers with crazy demands... From list to close, obstacles lay across the road like landmines. Welcome to your home sale! Given that you’ve got so much money on the line, you deserve to know what's coming. We've synthesized our expertise and recommendations into this clear and concise guide.

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Digital Marketing

The internet is where the vast majority of home buyers find the properties they end up purchasing. Yes, being listed on the MLS is an effective way to reach a lot of prospective buyers online, but it's only a start. Providing maximum exposure for a real estate listing requires going above and beyond the normal, traditional ways of selling a home. Here are a few of the things we do to ensure that every single buyer out there is exposed to our clients' listings.

Because real estate listings reach their maximum exposure within 4-5 days of being listed, timing the marketing of a new listing to maximize its exposure is absolutely crucial. All marketing should be timed to "blitz" the internet in the first few days that the property is listed. If the property is priced correctly and the marketing is timed effectively, the chances of selling quickly are maximized.
Many agents encourage their clients to intentionally under-price the property by a significant amount, to ensure that there is a high level of interest. This strategy is valid, but risky.

If the property is priced too low, then even multiple offers may not yield a price as high as sellers might have gotten if they priced the property competitively, but appropriately. The listing price should never be less than the minimum amount the seller is prepared to accept.

For that reason, we often offer clients several different pricing strategies with several potential outcomes; fair market value pricing for a full-priced offer, or below-market pricing for a quick sale which could result in multiple offers and a bidding war. But we will not waste the time and money of our clients by encouraging them to price their home in excess of what we feel the market will bear.
We know how complicated the process can be and offer tons of information about selling your home. Download our Sellers Guide and get information about pricing, showings, offers, the closing process and more.
Finding an agent in a new city can be challenging. If you are selling your home and relocating outside of southern California, let us do the legwork for you. We will interview prospective agents through our network and find the agent that is right for you.

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